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March, 2008
6-8 East Coast Women's Conference,
Embassy Suites Hampton, VA
9-Life Church Richmond, VA (AM)
9-The Peninsula Pentecostals
Newport News, VA Pastor Arango (PM)

April, 2008
3-5-Colorado Ladies Conference
Conference Marriott Ft. Collins, CO

May/June, 2008
5/23-6/2-Shanghai, China

September, 2008
-6-Ohio Ladies Conference
New Life Christian Center, Lancaster, OH

October, 2008

15-19-UPCI General Conference
Greensboro, NC

April, 2009
23-25-Minnesota Ladies Conference
Duluth, MN
26-Apostolic Gospel Church
Duluth, MN Pastor Taylor

May/June, 2009
7-9-Wisconsin Ladies Conference

More touring dates will be listed as they become available for 2008 & 2009.

Seven States
Seven States

Ten States, 2 Countries (England & Scotland)

35,000 Miles

Estimated attendance: 15,600

Seven States, 2 Countries

April, 2007
27-28 Iowa Ladies Conference
29-Spencer, IA

May, 2007
17-19-Rhode Island & Massachusetts Ladies Conference

July, 2007
22-Toledo, OH AM
22-Howell, MI PM
25-Sturgis, MI
26-Van Wert, OH
27-28-Michigan District Ladies Conference, Marshall, MI
28-29-Cadillac, MI
29-Albion, MI PM

September, 2007
6-8-Texico Ladies Conference
26-30-General Conference, Tampa, FL

March, 2006
30- Apr 1-Hawaii Ladies Conference

April, 2006
2- Hawaii
27-29-Missouri District Ladies Conference

June, 2006
5-Texas Campmeeting

July, 2006
23-Grand Junction, CO

August, 2006
9-11-North American Ladies Conference, Louisville, KY
31-Sept 2-Colorado District Ladies Retreat, Keystone, CO

September, 2006
27-Oct 1- General Conference, Columbus, OH

December, 2006
9-10, Florida

March, 2005
10-11-North Carolina Ladies Conference
13-Charlotte, NC
16-Jackson, MS

April, 2005

8-9-Indianapolis, IN Ladies Retreat
21-23-Georgia District Ladies Retreat
29-30-Iowa Ladies Retreat

May, 2005
1-Belleview, NE

July, 2005
17-Kalamazoo & Troy, MI

September, 2005
9-11Ohio Ladies Retreat
28-Oct 2-General Conference
Richmond, VA

October, 2005
23-Glasgow & Falkirk, Scotland
30-Hersham & London, England

February, 2004
1-Ft. Lauderdale, FL
1-8-Princess Cruse, Western Caribbean
8-Ft. Lauderdale, FL
8-Apopka, FL
19-21-Southern California Ladies Conference
San Bernadino, CA
22-San Diego, CA
26-28-Northern California Ladies Conference
Sacramento, CA

April, 2004
16-18-Indiana Women's Conference
Indianapolis, IN
19-Indianapolis, IN

May, 2004
7-8-WI Ladies Retreat
9-Oshkosh, WI
9-Oak Creek, WI

June, 2004
16-18-National Women's Conference
Louisville, KY

August, 2004
Recorded Joy & Peace CDs - Denver, CO

September, 2004
22-24-General Conference, Salt Lake City, UT

October, 2004
28-30-Portland, OR

Nine States, 1 Provence
2 Countries (USA & Canada)
plus TV & Internet

26,900 Miles
Estimated attendance:
plus TV & Internet

Nine States, 27,000 miles
Estimated attendance: 34,000

Eleven States, 16,000 miles
Estimated attendance: 17,000
Seven States, 20,000 miles
Estimated attendance: 32,000

February, 2003
20-23-San Bernadino, CA
23-San Diego, CA (PM)
23-Vista, CA (AM)

March, 2003
6-8-Virginia Ladies Conference

May, 2003
3-Mesa, AZ
4-Apache Junction, AZ
4-Glendale, AZ

June, 2003
19-Colorado District Campmeeting
20-Nebraska District Campmeeting

July, 2003
11-Denver, CO
13-Scottsbluff, NE

August, 2003
2-3-Battle Creek, MI
22-25-Las Cruces, NM Power Weekend

September, 2003
19-21-Apostolic Church
Pontiac, MI
19-Women's Revival
20-Service @ 10 AM
21-Concert @ 10 AM
21-Faith Apostolic Church of Troy
26-Toronto, Ontario, Canada

October, 2003
25-27-Springwater, FL

November, 2003
7-8-New York Metro Ladies Retreat

December, 2003
14-Scottsbluff, NE
21-Denver, CO
29-30-KRMT-TV Channel 41
31-Denver, CO

February, 2002
10-Grand Junction, Colorado
10-Montrose, Colorado
13-Denver, Colorado
15-Brighton, Colorado
17-Pueblo, Colorado
17-Security, Colorado

March, 2002
15-Stockton, California
17-Lodi, California
17-Citrus Heights, California

April, 2002
18-20-Ocala, Florida
21-Clearwater, Florida
21-Lakeland, Florida
21-Longwood, Florida

May, 2002
18-19-Denver, Colorado

June, 2002
1-Crawford, Nebraska
2-Scottsbluff, Nebraska
13-14-Polk, Nebraska
16-Denver, Colorado
29-Salina, Kansas
30-Salina, Kansas

August, 2002
4-Mt. Morris, MI
4-Albion, MI
24-Detroit, MI

September, 2002
11-Scottsbluff, Nebraska
16-20 in North & South Carolina
25-28-Phoenix, Arizona

October, 2002
25-27-Jacksonville, FL

December, 2002
15-Scottsbluff, Nebraska
21-22-Denver, Colorado

January, 2001
27-Denver, Colorado

February, 2001
11-Lancaster, Ohio
11-Cincinnati, Ohio
13-Lafayette, Indiana
14-Herrin, Illinois
15-Hartford City, Indiana
16-Crawfordsville, Indiana
18-Kokomo, Indiana
18-Avon, Indiana
18-Indianapolis, Indiana

April, 2001
8-Denver, Colorado
10-Denver, Colorado
13-Denver, Colorado
15-Denver, Colorado
28-San Andreas, California
29-San Andreas, California
29-Lodi, California

May, 2001
17-Gaithersburg, Maryland
18-Metuchen, New Jersey
20-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June, 2001
9-Pueblo, Colorado
17-Denver, Colorado
22-Denver, Colorado

August, 2001
12-San Fernando, California
12-Bellflower, California
14-20-Hollywood, California
(recording of Hope)

October, 2001
12-Louisville, Kentucky
27-Denver, Colorado

November, 2001
17-Denver, Colorado
25-South Flint, Michigan
25-Warren, Michigan
25-Troy, Michigan

December, 2001
10-Denver, Colorado
11-Denver, Colorado
16-Crawford, Nebraska
16-Scottsbluff, Nebraska

January, 2000
Mountain View, California
Stockton, California
San Andreas, California

February, 2000
Denver, Colorado

March, 2000
Battle Creek, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan
Albion, Michigan
Indianapolis, Indiana

April, 2000
Pueblo, Colorado

May, 2000
Brighton, Colorado
Denver, Colorado
Milton, Florida
Panama City, Florida

June, 2000
Denver, Colorado
Dallas, Texas
Hillsboro, Texas

July, 2000
Pueblo, Colorado
Marshall, Michigan
Traverse City, Michigan
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Battle Creek, Michigan

August, 2000
Monument, Colorado

September, 2000
Denver, Colorado
Birmingham, Alabama

October, 2000
Denver, Colorado

November, 2000
Warren, Michigan
South Flint, Michigan

December, 2000
Henderson, Colorado
Denver, Colorado

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